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Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson seems to indeed prepare to bring the relationship to a more serious jejang. After inaugurating the enga...

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson seems to indeed prepare to bring the relationship to a more serious jejang. After inaugurating the engagement some time ago, now both are rumored to live together in an apartment in New York.
Ariana and Pete are reported to have bought a luxury apartment in the Big Apple with a fantastic price. Unmitigated, the apartment's price reached USD 16 million (around Rp 225 billion).
Reported by W Magazine on Thursday (21/6), Ariana and Pete did indeed choose an apartment in the elite district of Manhattan, New York. Luxury apartments were designed by the architect, Zaha Hadid.
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Responding to the news, a source said that the two lovebirds it chose an apartment covering an area of 373 square metres with five bedrooms and four bathrooms. Their apartment also has a private balcony with views of the Empire State Building, High Land and panoramic area of Chelsea, Manhattan.

While according to the page describing the property sale apartment belonging to Ariana and Pete, they buy it have motor window as wide as 3 x 3 metres with a curved glass detail.

On the other hand, other sources indicated that the purchase of these apartments is the proof of the seriousness of the relationship.  "They hope will be a new chapter of life both, " says the source.

Tonight Pete Davidson confirms his engagement to Ariana Grande. Here's a sneak peek. Tune in to for the full interview.
Meanwhile, not long ago Pete Davidson admitted his engagement to Ariana Grande when invited to be a guest star in the show's "The Toninght Show " which was hosted by Jimmy Fallon.  "Now, you know, that you don't have to apply for Ariana Grande to be a guest here, " says Jimmy.
Responding to these questions, Pete pun even confirm the news of his engagement are palpable. Even this 24 year old comedian admitted as has won a contest when he get Ariana.
 "But I actually do it (engaged), " replied Pete.  "I feel winning a contest. I'm very happy. I'm glad. "
Ariana and Pete himself reportedly got engaged on 12 June, where both of them have not even a month on a date after the chanter's "No Tears Left To Cry " announced the end of her relationship with Mac Miller. According to a source, Ariana and pete discuss their engagement over the last weekend and did not feel the need to menutup-nutupinya from media.
 "It's an engagement that had just happened. They were just two people who find love with each other quickly and make happy all the time,  "says the source.


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