Reportedly On Charges Of Sexual Assault Against Two Women, Sylvester Stallone Is Checked

Senior actor Sylvester Stallone not long ago has been accused as a perpetrator of sexual abuse. The movie star's "The Expendables &...

Senior actor Sylvester Stallone not long ago has been accused as a perpetrator of sexual abuse. The movie star's "The Expendables " it must undergo the examination after the State Attorney's Office in Los Angeles, United States Territories, release reviews for the existence of possible cases of sexual abuse committed Sylvester.

The police area of Santa Monica, Los Angeles, has reviewed the allegations on Wednesday (13/6). Reported by People, the inspection results are forwarded for the consideration of the submission of a law, based on the description of the spokesman for the State Attorney's Office in Los Angeles Area, Greg Risling.

Greg also added that it did not have a timetable for conducting the examination of Sylvester. Not only that, a spokesman for the Prosecutor's Office also refused to comment on the case against actor aged 71 years.

Earlier, a woman has to make a report to the Santa Monica Police Department in December 2017. The woman claimed that Sylvester had sexually abused her in 1990 's. Based on reports The Hollywood Reporter, Sylvester had denied the tudingan through his lawyer, Marty Singer, at that time.

In addition, Sylvester had also been accused of sexual abuse of a 16-year-old girl. The girl claimed that Sylvester and his bodyguards forced her to sex with them in a hotel room in Las Vegas, United States, in 1986. This Tudingan appeared again last year, but has again refuted through a spokesman.

 "Is very funny, including the wrong story, " said spokesman Sylvester, Michelle Bega.  "No one ever know this story to published ... There has never been a time where Mr Stallone was contacted by authorities or anyone else about this. "

The victim told police when making reports, that Sylvester and his bodyguards, Michael De Luca, then mengintimidasinya. No matter the woman forced to have sex with both of them, while Sylvester is currently filming  "Over The Top ".

While the girl who at that time was 16 years old when abused Sylvester, told police that she felt very uncomfortable, but had no choice. After being harassed, the girl threatened by Sylvester in order not to tell it to anyone. Even the girl claims to be threatened will be struck his head.

Meanwhile, the girl did not report the sexual harassment of which she is a natural at that time because it felt insulted and humiliated and scared. Guardian Sylvester himself who also harassing the girl too have been assassinated in the year 2013, at the age of 53 years.


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