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It's no secret anymore if Angelina Jolie is known as one of the celebrities who have a sense of humanity. Even actress "Maleficen...

It's no secret anymore if Angelina Jolie is known as one of the celebrities who have a sense of humanity. Even actress "Maleficent " it was appointed as the Special Envoy of the UN refugee Agency (UNHCR).

The task was so glorious, Angelina often visit a number of refugee camps in different parts of the world to voice justice. One of them is my ex-wife when Brad Pitt is on a trip to Mosul, Iraq, on 16 June.

In his visit, this acclaimed actress urged the world not to forget the citizens of Mosul, a city ravaged after the abandonment of ISIS. Angelina also mentions that the current residents of Mosul Middle difficulty rebuilding their war-torn post town.

As it known, Government forces managed to liberate Iraq Mosul in July 2017 and then armed groups from ISIS, that ruled the city for three years. At that time, ISIS made Mosul as one of their bases. Mosul liberation efforts make about 900 thousand residents evacuate.

In a video that was shared with UNHCR, Angelina looks to meet a number of families in Western Mosul. The mother of six children also scoured the streets of the devastated bomb.

The 43-year-old actress rose to tussle with the residents of Mosul, which tells the impact when the bomb hit the wall of their home. Not only that, Angelina also said that there are still many bodies buried under the rubble, the ruins without could be evacuated.

"There are lots of bodies in the rubble, which remained here. And you can smell the corpse that corpses, "said Angelina with the face concerned.

Angelina is also unable to hold the cry kala saw the residents of Mosul could still smile when celebrating Hari Raya holiday Idulfitri. "And they are very happy because on holiday Idulfitri ago they are still colonized and feel the suffering. And in the holiday Idulfitri this year, they did not have anything but their independence, "next Angelina.

Reported by on Wednesday (20/6), large parts of the city of Mosul, slowly the lives of citizens already running back to normal. Many of the refugees had left the camp and returned to their respective homes.

However, most areas west of the city of Mosul was destroyed and turned into rubble during the war that involves 100 thousand soldiers of the Alliance between military units of the Government, the guerrillas of the Kurdish Peshmerga militia, and Shiite, complete with air support from the United States. The efforts of reconstruction of the city of Mosul also run slowly.

"This is the biggest damage ever I witnessed during my years working with UNHCR. The people here have lost everything, "said Angelina in the official statement from the UNHCR.

Further, the film actress's "Salt " it also asked that the Government and the international community to lend help to the citizens of Mosul. Moreover, given that the population does not have the drugs as well as access to clean water.

"They suffer greatly. They have no medicines for children, and most do not have access to water or other basic services, "says Angelina.


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