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Democrats want to Trump negotiate deportation related 700 thousand illegal immigrants become a part of the budget deal. The senator of the...

Democrats want to Trump negotiate deportation related 700 thousand illegal immigrants become a part of the budget deal.

The senator of the United States (us) to find solutions and agree on a Bill (the BILL) to fund government budget to end the reign of the lid. However, so far the senator Democrats and Republicans still blame each other mutually related shutdown.

Democrats want President Donald Trump immigration as part of a negotiated deal in the budget. Democrats want protection against deportation of more than 700,000 immigrants without documents that went to the US.

"I hope that immigration issues would be resolved in a matter of hours or days. We need an answer to substansiaf. People who can answer it is the President of Trump. This is the shutdown of him, "said Democratic Senator Dick Durbin told CBS.

Instead, the stronghold of the Republic declared no agreement when the Ministry of the federal government shut down. The US Vice President Mike Pence who spoke in front of the U.S. troops in the Middle East again confirms again the attitude of the party.

"We are not going to open negotiations regarding illegal immigrants until the Government back in the open," said Pence, reported by the BBC on Monday (22/1).

Then, Trump wants a simple majority vote to end the tension. According the rules of the Senate, the budget BILL must get the support of at least 60 votes from the 100-member Senate. Republicans currently have 51 Senate and need the support of several members of Democrats for passing the budget.

Today, hundreds of thousands of U.S. employees will not be paid because the budget has not yet been agreed upon. As for the U.S. Government in its history, had several times suffered a shutdown as follows:

1. on 30 September-10 October 1976 (10 days) – President Gerald Ford vetoed the plan budget legislation for the departments of labor and health, education, and welfare. Congress rejected Ford's veto on 1 October and resulted in the Government not active part.

2.30 September – 13 October 1977 (12 days)-the House of representatives (DPR) would like to melanjtkan plans ban on abortions using funds Medicaid unless the life of the mother is threatened. The Senate wants the case aborsid is allowed in cases of rape or incest when the life of the mother in danger. Due to the problems that mngakibatkan Government closed.

3. October 31, 1977 – 9 November 1977 (8 days) – Tension the problem of abortion has not be resolved and triggered the closure of the Government. The BILL temporarily signed Carter to provide time for Congress to resolve the tension.

4. November 30 – December 9, 1977 (8 days) – HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES declared the Senate's proposal to permit the use of the Medicaid problem and the issue continues.

5. at 30 September – 18 October 1978 (18 days) – Carter vetoed the defence budget included pendaan the construction of nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Nimitz. He also vetoed the budget public damning assessed.

6. September 30th – October 12, 1979 (11 days) – the HOUSE wanted Congressional salary increases of 5.5% and the Senate did not agree on the steps. The PARLIAMENT wants the federal restrictions on shopping for Miroslav threatening mothers. It resulted in the closure of the Government.

7.20 – 23 November 1981 (2 days) – Ronald Reagan promised to veto any budget that does not involve the proposed budget cuts USD8,4 billion. Finally, Reagan vetoed and resulted in the closure of the Government. It resulted in the 241,000 federal employees are idle for a day.

8. September 30-October 2, 1982 (1 day) – No reason for the closure of the current administration. The new fiscal year begins and the Congress have yet to agree on a new budget that some government closed.

9.17 – 21 December 1982 (3 days) – the House and Senate want to pendaan public works to create many jobs. The HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES against pendaan for the MX missile program a priority of Reagan.

10.10 -14 November 1983 (3 days)-the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES agreed to augment the langah USD1 billion education budget for foreign aid and cut as desired to Reagan.

11. September 30 – October 3, 1984 (2hari) – the budget LAWMAKERS opposed to the proposed crime-fighting package Reagan. The Senate tried to emphasize the importance of civil rights enforcement that opposed the President.

12.3-5 October 1984 – Extend the three-day discussions resulted in the closure of the Government.

13.16 – 18 October 1986 (1 day) – the Government's Closure caused disagreement between Reagan and the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES about help for the family.

14.18-20Desember 1987 (1 day) – Reagan and HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES disagree about funding milii in Nicaragua.

15.5-9 October 1990 (3 days) – President George H W Bush did not sign the budget reduction plan without devisit and memvetonya. The House of representatives (DPR) does not accept the veto of the President so that resulted in the Government shut down. To end it, Congress adopted a budget proposal to reduce the deficit. Bush eventually signed it.

16.13 – 19 November 1995 (five-day) – the Congress and President Bill Clinton only pacified about Medicare increase resolution and the commitment of the President to balance the budget over seven years. Clinton memvetonya. To end the shutdown, Clinton and Congress agree on negotiation continues.

17. December 5, 1995 – January 6, 1996 (one day) – Republican Congressional Leaders asked Clinton to resolve the budget plan for seven years. The Clinton plan that resulted in the difisit as much as USD115 billion that resulted in the U.S. Government should be closed. Finally, the Republican Party supports deal was to agree on reopening the Government.

18.1-17 December 2013 (15 days) – the Government's closure on 2013 caused tension between Congress and the White House about the Affordable Care Act. As a result, 800,000 federal workers laid off first and 1.3 million U.S. employees have to work without being paid.

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