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Celebrity News - Here is the audio and transcript of dariCEO CBS Les Moonves ' denganCheddar TV interview. "Cheddar " A...

Celebrity News - Here is the audio and transcript of dariCEO CBS Les Moonves ' denganCheddar TV interview.

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"Once again, we have to look at this new package, this new bundle. They are new. Sony Vue is one of the first out, as well as Sling. CBS's All-Access, we're still in the early stages. So I think, again, user satisfaction and user convenience is becoming increasingly important, and that's the things that are being worked on people. When you get your content, obviously you want it as easy as possible. And, again, we're in a brave new world here, where for the last three years even the world has changed drastically. So, the only thing that exists, regarding the interface, people should be a little patient. "

"I think, again, I think the larger bundle will still be there. There are some people who think the universe 180 is something they nilaikan, and to a certain extent, but I think what we're seeing and the reason we are everywhere and I mean we are happy being in the universe of 180, we love to be in Skinny roundabout does that channel 10 or 20 or 30 channels. We are also pleased to be able to access all access. So what we are saying is we want to be all things to all people no matter how you get your content. Obviously, a bundle of thin, excellent services, will grow and grow and grow and become more important in the ecosystem."

AUDIO: Soundcloud.com/siriusxm-news-issues/cbs-ceo-explains-the-importance-of-online-bundles-internet-products-to-cbss-brands

"Explains Facebook and Google to take, should, 85% of online ads available. We think that there is a lot of misinformation in the market. Digital advertising is clearly very important. This will grow. We get hundreds of millions of dollars in digital advertising on our own. We're saying is, ' listen, don't ignore the broadcasting. It is still very important. ' And some of the myths about multiple digital advertising is out there, and there are many, there are many questions about the return on investment with a number of sites. In the broadcast and we know we are effective, and because that's the front on this front is much better than in advance last year. "

"Oh, I think it is sustainable forever. I think, you know, once again, the number of broadcasting is down. However, when you calculate another way, people get our content, there are more people now who are watching our content that is 15 years ago. "

AUDIO: Soundcloud.com/siriusxm-news-issues/cbs-ceo-les-moonves-talks-about-cbss-attitudes-towards-digital-advertising-broadcast-advertising

Full interview debut on Sunday, July 24th at 10:00 am EST padaSiriusXM Insight 121.

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