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The U.S. recently claimed twelve Russia intelligence officer involved in the 2016 presidential election data hacking. The meeting between ...

The U.S. recently claimed twelve Russia intelligence officer involved in the 2016 presidential election data hacking.

The meeting between the President of the United States (USA) Donald Trump and Russia's leader Vladimir Putin still implemented as scheduled, amid the tension of the two countries. This tension is allegedly from the emergence of a number of appeal domestically in the U.S. so that the meeting was cancelled. In particular, after U.S. intelligence officials claim the twelve because Russia was involved in the intervention.

The two leaders were scheduled to meet in Helsinki, capital of Finland on Monday (16/7).

"All still running," said White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told the BBC reported by reporter on Saturday (14/7).

On the other hand, Russia also States that meeting agenda will remain. "We still consider the Trump is negotiating partner," said Kremlin Adviser Yuri Ushakov. Although bilateral relations of the two countries is very bad, according to Ushakov, "we are ready to organize them again."

Earlier, Russia citizens claim that doing hacking against the officials of the Democratic Party during the 2016 presidential election, becoming the new tensions between Washington and Moscow.

Russia Foreign Ministry pointed claims it as a conspiracy scheme who intend to disturb the atmosphere admits Conference Trump and Putin. They claim there is no evidence of the involvement of dozens of officials in hacking or military intelligence.

However, Deputy U.S. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein insisted on calling the goal of the conspiracy was to give an impact on elections. Eleven indictments on the citizens of Russia, who is suspected of conducting attacks against siber in March 2016 campaign staff email account of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. They use the keystroke for reading software, in order to spy on the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and compromise the computer of the Democratic Party.

"The Conspirators used the fictional users including" DCLeaks  "and Guccifer"   ", 2.0 to release thousands of emails were stolen," said Rosenstein. They managed to steal half a million voter data on the website of the Democratic Party.

The Democratic officials suggest Trump canceled the meeting with Putin, following the indictment. "President Trump should cancel the meeting with Putin on Monday," said DNC Chairman Tom Perez. He reveals, Putin is not a friend of the US.

A similar appeal was also disclosed in Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer. "President Trump should cancel meetings with Vladimir Putin until Russia demonstrates the steps of transparently to prove they will not intervene in the upcoming elections again," he said.

Ask any Republican stronghold of pembatalkan meeting. Senator John McCain told the Conference the Trump and Putin should not need to continue. Although, he said, the President of Trump are preparing to hold accountable Putin about hacking.

Actually there were 32 people who allegedly involved in the hacking of the Democratic campaign team, including three companies and four former adviser to Trump. However, there are no charges against the Trump advisers showed a collusion with Russia, to intervene in the presidential election.

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos, former foreign policy adviser declared guilty of making false statements about their contacts with Russia. The former head of Trump campaign Paul Manafort and his Deputy Rick Gates allegedly committing money laundering against political consultant job in Ukraine.

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