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 "Avengers: Infinity War " is indeed a success made fans surprised at the present end of the story that is totally unexpected. As ...

 "Avengers: Infinity War " is indeed a success made fans surprised at the present end of the story that is totally unexpected. As is known, the ending of the movie was filmed in Anthony and Joe Russo gives the funeral mass because of the gradual most favorite superhero fans.

Talking about it, apparently the end of the story's "Avengers: Infinity War " is still a warm reviews the fans until now. Many fans say that the end of the film so hang and dark. Especially considering most of the population of the universe destroyed by Thanos (Josh Brolin) only with menjetikkan digits, including a number of superheroes.

Of course, the fans still curious criteria  "victim's" chosen by Thanos. Remember not just the characters  "vanished's", but also important figures like a Black Panther.

Therefore, it is not a few fans who suspect if Thanos chose his victim at random. But who would have thought, apparently Anthony and Joe Russo as the Director claimed that the decision to eliminate a number of Thanos that superheroes have their own reasons.

Reported by the Comic Book on Wednesday (1/8), recently Anthony and Joe Russo reveals how Thanos chose  "prey ". Apparently, the Director for directing duo's series "The Avengers " it mentions that they deliberately omit characters that have a special relationship with the main character, i.e. the core team the Avengers.

 "In this case, we have to determine who will be the victim of Thanos. The point is how we can eliminate characters who have a relationship that is deep,  "says Anthony.

Anthony Russo gives the example of Bucky Barnes character played by Sebastian Stan. In the  "Avengers: Infinity War ", the character who got the nickname Winter Soldier is gone first rather than the other. The election's "destroyed " his character Bucky is due to an emotional attachment which he had with Captain America (Chris Evans).

 "Is the first to go is Bucky Barnes and was taken from the perspective of Captain America, " continued Anthony.  "Cap and Bucky already themed well even long before this all happened. We can see the expression of the emotion-filled Stamp when Bucky is slowly becoming the ashes. "

Then Anthony explained the puzzle of why the main characters such as Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) is also a victim of the behavior of Thanos. Apparently, it is closely related with the main task of which is run by Okoye (Danai Gurira).

 "We could also look at Okoye, where number one mission in life is to protect the King. Here he saw the King of Wakanda that seharunya he protect also went before him,  "imbuh Anthony.

As it turns out, the creative team's "Avengers: Infinity War " it wants to emphasize all the right aspect of the last moments of the film to make sure the audience felt it emotionally.  "When Thanos appeared, we really want to make this moment is the most powerful susuatu, " says producer Trinh Tran.

Interestingly, the production team deliberately did not tell the cast related to what will happen in the last fight at the scene were taken to Wakanda.  "We have collected the entire crew and they surround the Director. Here they will be notified that this scene would happen and some of them will disappear,  "says Joe.

Of course it is done for the sake of keeping the secret of the film from public meltdowns.  "The audience is very good at predicting the story even if they have little clue about it. So, we work very hard to make sure there are no secrets of the film was leaked,  "continued Joe.

Not be denied if the strategy planned by Director duo is indeed successful fishing sense of emotional fans. Let alone a peak moment in which Spiderman (Tom Holland) disappears in Hugs Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.).

Nevertheless, a number of Parties thus calls this strategy backfire for Marvel Studios. Because, this is said to make the ending of the movie was filmed in Anthony and Joe Russo was not able to survive long at the top of the box office.

As it is known, the third series  "The Avengers " is only able to survive for three weeks in a row in the first rank. Of course this result is a little disappointing, given the enthusiasm of the fans towards  "Avengers: Infinity War " is so great. Moreover, this achievement is inversely proportional to  "Black Panther " that is able to dominate the box office for five weeks and stayed in the top 10 until the 11th week of impressions.

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