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In This Film, J-Lo Will Become A Stripper Who Lead Large Scale Theft Of Action Of Some Of His Clients In Night Clubs. Jennifer Lopez would...

In This Film, J-Lo Will Become A Stripper Who Lead Large Scale Theft Of Action Of Some Of His Clients In Night Clubs.

Jennifer Lopez would return shows kelihaiannya acted in the big screen. Not long ago, the 49-year-old musician was confirmed as one of the players in the line-up of films  "Hustlers ".

Reported by The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday (8/8), J-Lo will act as a stripper aka the stripper in this movie. He will become Chairman of action which contains the former night club workers to disarm their clients wealth that comes from the top.

News of J-Lo involvement in this project he also share directly through account Instagram hers. Obviously, the Hustlers " " would be the first film of J-Lo's return to the big screen after he last starred in the  "The Boy Next Door's" in the year 2015.

 "Hustlers " itself adapted from an article entitled  "Hustlers at Scoring " by Jessica Pressler, published by New York magazine in the year 2015. The article is written based on a true story about a former stripper who designed the theft of tens of thousands of dollars from their clients from Wall Street.

One of the former stripper that played J-Lo. The character himself is described as the leader of a group of women who are ambitious in waging the theft mission.

Meanwhile, Lorene Scafaria won as author-Director in this film. Reportedly, Lorene wrote the scripts  "Hustlers " with the setting of the time of year 2000 in New York, after the onset of the financial crisis. At that time, many of the women who gave up his life on the rich man often came to night clubs.

 "This movie is showing empathy on women and men, gender in our lives, what we value, the values that are passed down to us in every corner of the cultural life, " said Lorene.  "This is depicted in the ' Hustlers '. The club rules are rules the world. "

Further, Lorene also said that the leader of the stripper characters so fit with Jennifer Lopez. The Director claimed that the chanter's "El Anillo " it would successfully portray the character dynamic, with all the complexity and intelligence that he had.  "Characters that always she, she's Jennifer Lopez, " imbuh Lorene.

 "Hustlers" itself would be done by the production house Annapurna Pictures previously known after filming Her " " as well as "Detroit"  . Up to now, there has been no further information on this adaptation, given the project's "legal Hustlers" are still in the early stages of development.

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